Monday, July 20, 2009

"Ooohhhhh...that's nice..."

Scarlett has started to appreciate things. She has started to appreciate shiny, new things that come in boxes...shiny, new things that come in boxes which happen to be sold in toy stores. A recent trip to the toy store had Joe and I laughing hysterically. Upon seeing something she found particularly appealing, Scarlett would dramatically suck her breath in and say "ooohhhhh...that's nice." And when she wasn't saying that, she was dramatically sucking her breath in and saying "oohhhh...daddy, mommy look...this is so nice." But lastly, Scarlett, upon finding something so incredibly appealing that she could hardly take it, dramatically sucked her breath in and actually said "oh my God. Look at this...this is so nice!"
(Is it wrong that I find this funny? I'm pretty sure it is.)


Kate said...

o my GOD...that is absolutely hysterical. and if it's wrong to find that funny, darn it, i don't want to be right.

Fleur said...

Your descriptions of her totally crack me up. The drama!!

Pokolodi said...

Oh My God...That is soooooo funny.

No really, it is funny.