Monday, July 13, 2009

Holden is 2 months. I know. Already?!

As if having a 2 year old isn't proof enough, kids get big quick. Holden is officially 2 months old today. Can you believe it?! Man I love this much as Scarlett even - which I never thought possible before I met him. He's so completely different from Scarlett - and while that might seem obvious to some, it came as quite a shock to Joe and I. (People with more than one kid please back me up here and tell me I'm not crazy. Were you shocked at how different your kids were?) It makes sense. They're 2 different people, but man. It's shocking.
Holden is an awesome napper while we couldn't get Scarlett to sleep during the day if our lives depended on it. Scarlett, however, slept through the night at two months (God bless her) and Holden is still on his newborn "waking almost every 2 hours to eat" schedule. Holden will just stare at you for hours on end. He loves interacting with people and while Scarlett would constantly look around at the world as if taking it all in, Holden will look at you as if taking you all in. He doesn't seem as curious about his surroundings as much as he is about who is in his surroundings. He is a doll. And a flirt.
I questioned Holden's hair and eye color when he was born. I thought he would wind up with brown hair and brown eyes...but he proved me wrong. Holden's eyes are a bold blue - bold enough that I highly doubt they are going to change. Bold enough that a group of strangers this past weekend stopped to peek into his stroller and surprised me by commenting on how amazingly blue his eyes were. It caught me off guard seeing as I thought they were going to turn brown up until about 2 weeks ago. While Holden was born with a head of brown hair, it is falling out and we can see blond hair growing in. We've got a couple of towheads on our hands people.
Joe's new favorite hobby is putting Holden in front of Sports Center. (I let him. It's cute.) And Holden is still eating like a boy...meaning he doesn't stop eating. Ever, it seems. We've taken to calling him Munch because it seems like that's all he wants to do. (And his chubby cheeks and thighs are pretty darn munchable too.) So Holden is 2 months. Sigh. But with age comes fun new this.

I'm so excited to hear him laugh...and to watch him grow. Holden, my Munchie-moo, we love you!


Pokolodi said...

Okay, his personality might not be like Scarlett's, but he sure does look like her--especially in that first picture! And his laugh sounds like hers too!

He is totally munchable. Totally. In fact, I'm pretty sure that is one of the first words I used to describe him.

Happy 1/6 birthday, Holden!

Munch Munch.

Kate said...


and no, you're not crazy-i was (and still am) shocked at how totally, completely, and ridiculously different bug is from scout. i was expecting...well, i don't know what i was expecting, but finn's pretty much the exact opposite of whatever it was.

and 2-that giggle video made my morning. i was sitting here dazed and exhausted at 730 a.m., and now i can't stop smiling. you have no idea how much i needed that!

yaaaaaaaaay holden!

Fleur said...

His little coos in that video are so freaking adorable i can't even stand it!! What a little personality, even at 2 months!

Lorelei said...

I love his little snoozy picture. That's the way to relax, little man!