Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Scarlett's "tickets"

As you all know, Scarlett is in daycare. For 9.5 hours, M-F, I am relatively unaware of what my daughter is doing. Oh...she does stuff. 9.5 hours worth of stuff even. And this 9.5 hours worth of stuff is casually written down on a 5"x7" piece of paper which is then handed to me on a daily basis. We've come to refer to this piece of paper as Scarlett's "ticket."
Once we've picked her up from school, the drive home is spent reviewing Scarlett's ticket with her...scrutinizing it to get an idea of how she spent her day. We talk about the activities she did. We talk about her behavior. And we laugh. Below are some of the things I've found on Scarlett's tickets, and some of the discussions that followed.

“Scarlett is doing great at circle time. She is doing very well with her shapes and colors.”

Mommy – What color is that?
Scarlett – Green.
Mommy – Good! And what color is this?
Scarlett – Black.
Mommy – Good! And this?
Scarlett – Pink…That’s purple.
Mommy – No. That’s blue.
Scarlett – No. It’s purple. IT’S PURPLE MOM. (It was blue.)

“Scarlett and Paige were pretending that they were going to the beach today. It was cute.”

“Scarlett was very cute today. She was holding hands with Amanda and calling Amanda her best friend.”

Mommy – Scarlett, who is your best friend?
Scarlett – Amanda!


“Scarlett had a good day, until Amanda punched her in the nose over a toy.”

Mommy – Scarlett, is Amanda your best friend?
Scarlett – No. I no like her.

“Scarlett had fun in the sprinklers today. She was chasing her friends around with a bucket of water.”


We witness Scarlett dump a bucket of water over the head of a little girl. The little girl did not enjoy it. I repeat. Did not enjoy it.

“Scarlett did not listen today. She climbed up to the top of the slide when we told her it was time to go inside. No one could reach her.”

“Scarlett was funny today. She was dancing up front at the concert, until she decided she was scared of the guy playing guitar.”

Mommy – Scarlett, you didn't like music today?
Scarlett – No. He scare me.


Kate said...

i think my favorite is "She climbed up to the top of the slide when we told her it was time to go inside. No one could reach her."

i just picture scarlett at the top of the slide laughing maniacally at all the short, helpless adults.

Pokolodi said...

Who is this Amanda? Next time you see her, give her a little ticket from me and Carson telling her to back off or we'll punch HER in the nose. Scarlett is MY best friend. ...I mean, Scarlett is CARSON'S best friend.