Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A potty training don't

Up until we actually started potty training, we had two potties in the house - one for each bathroom. Well, one potty was quickly eliminated last week. Scarlett sat on it the wrong way and somehow got hurt and now it has to be gone or out of fear Scarlett will never sit on another potty for the rest of her life. This currently leaves us pottyless in the upstairs bathroom.

Before her bath last night, Joe put Scarlett on the adult toilet in the upstairs bathroom figuring it would suffice. Well...it didn't. As she started to actually fall into the toilet, as she's clambering to grab onto me, onto Joe, onto ANYTHING within reach, Scarlett yells,
"not working. This not working! AAaahhhhhhhhh! I HAVE A TINY HINEY BUTT!!!"

She's right. She does. And thus, we have encountered our first potty training don't. Scarlett's "tiny hiney butt" is, in fact, too tiny for our adult toilets. And we're all going to be okay.


Pokolodi said...

I'm sending you an email about this right now.

Nan said...