Monday, August 17, 2009


Scarlett was watching a DVD this morning. She was also drinking juice. All of a sudden Scarlett chokes and sprays juice EVERYWHERE. Concerned, we run over to ask her if she's okay. Her answer?

"Yeah (cough, giggle, cough). I okay (regains composure). My movie is funny."

Seriously people. The kid hears a bad knock-knock joke on "Blue's Clues" and proceeds to shoot juice out of her nose in hysterics. We're going to have "that" kid at the lunch table, aren't we?


Pokolodi said...

If I jhad been drinking juice while reading this, I would have spit it out too.


By the way, Carson misses Scarlett. Alot. We must have a midweek date when we return.

Kate said...

if it's any consolation, she's in good company...last night at dinner finn choked a little on his food. we of course are asking if he's okay etc and he, in a strangled voice, said "des!" and then, thinking that's hysterical, continued to talk like that for the rest of the night, cracking himself up.