Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Present from Aunt Jane

Oh man. My Aunt Jane scored big with this present. Aunt Jane is in South Korea right now for her job. She'll be there for the next year (I think). She sent Scarlett a present which, needless to say, Scarlett loves. I don't know the technical term for the garment, but to Scarlett, it's a princess girl dress. And it's pink. Scarlett spent 20 minutes twirling in front of the mirror. (I was asked to leave the room after 2 minutes of twirling.)

Thank you Aunt Jane! (That's from Scarlett.)


Pokolodi said...

That is the cutest ever! She looks totally in love with herself (as she often does in front of that mirror). If Scarlett is not excited about those dress up clothes I got her by now, I will be shocked.

Pokolodi said...

Carson just saw this too and said, "Look at Scarlett in her king hat! I want to see her in her king hat again."