Monday, August 24, 2009

Big girl bed: Part II. This time there's princesses.

Remember Scarlett's toddler bed? You know...this one. Well, Scarlett had a not so brief hiatus from this bed for say...oh...the past 6 months. You see, Joe and I now realize that we made a horrible mistake with the original transition. We left the crib up in her room figuring it'd be easier than taking it down and putting it back up for baby boy later. Then Scarlett had a horrific stomach bug. And then she started waking up every night at 3 am and running down the hallway screaming as if she was on fire. (Horrible way for a parent to wake up. Horrible.) It got to the point where Scarlett would point to her crib and tell us that's where she wanted to sleep. We gave up and bought a cradle for a what would soon be Holden - a cradle which he is now rapidly outgrowing. And when Scarlett actually climbed out of her crib last weekend and ran downstairs boasting about how she "climbed out of her crib like a big girl," we knew the crib had to go.
But I had a plan.
I bought special princess girl bedding. I bought some not-at-all-tacky princess girl wall stickers. I framed four princess girl prints. And I (well...Joe) took the CRIB DOWN. Scarlett and I had a mommy/daughter date. We went to Build-a-Bear and made a princess girl bear - who, appropriately, is named Princess Girl. (I'm not kidding.) We went out to dinner and got a princess girl necklace. And when we got home, Scarlett learned that Cinderella had replaced her baby crib with a new princess girl bed fully decked out with princess girl EVERYTHING. The result... Sleep.
She's slept in the bed for nights and naptimes since last Friday. Let's hope it keeps up! Cause seriously. Holden will NEED to be in a crib very, very soon. Ahh, my giant Jabba the Munch.


Kate said...

1. sweet, sweet success!
2. that princess bedding is not at all tacky. why would you even think of putting the word "tacky" in the same sentence with the bedding?
3. princesses make every scary life changing event better. or so i'm told.
4. some day she'll grow out of it. i'll let you know when scout does. i'm hoping kindergarten will help...?
5. holden is going to looooove his crib, and scarlett is going to looooove telling him how he's just a baby and she's a big girl with a big girl bed.
6. yay mom and dad! you-1, kids-0! (if we start counting now)

Pokolodi said...

Holy pink girly stuff! If I haven't said it are a genius. Your mommy/daughter date sounds like so much fun--I'm totally jealous. I want someone to take me to build a bear and dinner. (You can take that as a hint if you want).

Yay, Scarlett! Big girl! I'm wondering when we should do the transition to the big BOY bed. Is there a build a backhoe store?