Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Holden turns 3 months

Oh man. 1/4 of a year already.About Holden. Holden pretty much rocks. Everyone at daycare loves him. I went to pick him up a couple of weeks ago and the assistant director of the daycare was in his room holding him. Apparantly, she went into his room just to say hi to him. She admitted that she's not the only one who does that. I guess a lot of the teachers are popping into Holden's room to say goodbye to him before they leave for the day. With a face like this, can you blame them? What a flirt. Holden's size continually surprises me. I know he's big, but when I put him next to Scarlett I'm always shocked at HOW big he is. Look at this...His shoulder span and torso are almost the exact same size as hers. And, as this post is informing you, he's only 3 months old.
I know another mother who has children very similar ages. She was very concerned when her older child would try to pick up the younger child. We don't have that problem. Scarlett couldn't pick up Holden if she tried. She knows that. She doesn't try.
And these kids look alike or what?
Happy 3-monther Munchie-moo. You're a big lug and we love you...even if you're still not sleeping through the night.


Pokolodi said...

He is such a MUNCH! gobble gobble.

That picture of them side by side is insane. Insane. Are they wearing the same size diapers? Cause it looks like they could wear the same size diapers.

And I have to say, they do totally look alike, but I think he might actually look more like Joe around the eyes than Scarlett does. Do you think?

Happy 1/4 birthday, Holden! In a blink we'll be celebrating your 1st!

Kate said...

i'm fairly certain that holden and scarlett are twins separated at birth (by a few years). that's crazy! and, of course, completely adorable.

Nan said...

Happy 3 months HoJo!

Fleur said...

Happy 3-month birthday Holden!

He is so sweet and smiley. I just love looking at the photos of him growing (and of scarlett too, obviously - i'm still going back to watch princess girl when i need a pick me up.)