Friday, August 28, 2009

The ceremonial handing down of the exersaucer

This exersaucer was Scarlett's. She loved it. Holden does too. I was so excited to put him in here and to see him actually do bounce. He'd bounce. Stop and look around, incredibly proud of himself. Then back to bouncing. "I'm doing it...I'm...I'm doing it!"

Now that is some good bouncing.
(And can anyone else believe how big he's gotten? I mean come on. Big enough for an exersaucer already? Sigh.)


Pokolodi said...

Oh man, are you in trouble. Scarlett walked at 10 months? Yeah...this kid will be running at 10 months. Just you wait and see...

And can I just say--that last picture? Melt...melt...melt.

Pokolodi said...

Carson just saw this and said, "Look! Holden's in his rocket ship!"