Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Princess girl towel

I found a princess girl hooded towel at Wal-Mart. Seriously people. How could I not buy this towel?! It came with a crown for crying out loud.Scarlett stared at herself in the mirror for at least 10 minutes.Maybe even 15. She twirled and spinned...And decided she wanted to show Holden.Initially, Holden wasn't impressed.But then...He changed his mind.

I mean come on. It has a crown people!
Oh...and P.S. - Her royal cheekiness slept in the towel.


Pokolodi said...

Well of course she slept in the towel. I would have too. It has a crown!

I love the play by play with Munch's reaction included. Priceless. But what's more priceless than that? The look Scarlett is giving herself in that first picture in front of the mirror. She is so in love with herself I could just die. So funny!

She has to be a princess girl for Halloween. She absolutely must.
Does this mean she has become interested in all the dress up stuff I gave her?

Kate said...

you officially win mother of the year (the good award, not the one i always get) for that purchase! so awesome!

and i can't believe how big holden is getting! that's a one way ticket to crazy town.

Lorelei said...

This little story with its accompanying pictures is the BEST blog entry I have seen. Ever. Seriously, if someone is giving out awards for this sort of thing - you should win hands-down. I find myself looking at it far too often because it makes me so darn happy! Maybe not "Scarlett-in-princess-girl-towel" happy, but happy nonetheless.

lucy said...

Wow your babies are so cute, i can't wait for my little niece or nephew to be born. i am in the middle of planning my sister in law's baby shower next month, she's due in November but i'm getting a head start. I've just found a great site doing organic and natural fibers and the do these lovely baby bath towels made from bamboo. my brother is really into his green living and even has solar panels, bless him. They will be raising this baby as eco-friendly as they can. but these bath hooded towels seem to be a wonderful invention and scarlet obviously loves hers!

The Duarte Family said...

Love these pics! I mean what girl would not love a princess towel?? I may just have to go get one for myself! : )