Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A baby #2 update

Joe and I went to my ultrasound appointment today. I'm about 5 months along now. I really feel great. Outside of some intense fetus karate kicks and my rapidly expanding belly (and Joe randomly glancing at me and proclaiming "you're pregnant") I honestly forget I'm pregnant half the time. No ailments whatsoever. The ultrasound technician got some great shots...including this one of the baby sucking its thumb. It's shots like this that really remind me of what's going on in there...thumb sucking, obviously - but the other more important stuff too...like a little life growing.This shot kind of speaks for itself. The technician called it her "money shot." "Oh boy!" That's right, folks. It's a boy! No one can deny that that is a penis. Joe and I are thrilled. Joe played it cool in the beginning of the pregnancy by saying it really didn't matter to him whether it was a boy or a girl, and I believed him. I didn't hide the fact that I would like a boy. Obviously I'd be happy either way, as long as the baby was healthy...but if I could have picked I'd have chosen a boy this time. After today's appointment, Joe was just beaming and fully admitted that of course he wanted a boy. He's thought of nothing BUT having a boy since we found out we were expecting. Joe didn't want me to worry about what he wanted so he made me believe he had no preference either way. I don't know if you can go as far as saying men glow, but if there is a masculine version of "glowing" - Joe is doing it. I think he called everyone in his cell phone's address book in a matter of 15 minutes to spread the good news. He also told me I can put Scarlett in dance class now. He doesn't need her to be a football player after all.

The saying, "oh boy" has understandably gotten quite popular around the house. Bubsy already knew the expression, but is thrilled that it's being put to more everyday use. Yay boys!


The Bushnell Classical Music Initiative said...
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Penelope Harriette White said...

Congratulations on the great news! And thanks for your flu support - you are a perfect pregnant person - WOW. Merry Christmas - sorry about the removed comment above. That was me posting from the wrong account.

Fleur said...

Congratulations!! I'm so happy for you guys! Either one would have been a blessing obviously, but this way I will be able to give you clothes :)
Merry Christmas!

Kate said...

yay, baby boy! that's so exciting! i'm so happy for you guys and i have to say, that IS a money shot-holy cow. that's hysterical. and what a christmas present! i'm glad you're feeling so well and that you were able to find out the good news so...obviously. because man, that's pretty obvious. just sayin'.

Pokolodi said...

I can't believe I am so late in hearing the news...and responding.

I'm so excited for you. So very, very excited and happy for you. What an absolute blessing to be able to experience having both a boy and a girl. This is just the best Christmas gift you all could have gotten. Wow! I'm just wiggling in my seat as I type this. Oh man...are you going to love it. I mean, seriously--are you ever!! Words cannot express. (so why am I rambling, right?)

Man am I happy for you. Giddy, in fact.

I want to call you so badly right now, but it's 11:11 and you would be mad. I'll try tomorrow!