Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Some pretty cool presents

Scarlett got some additional Christmas presents in the past few days. They are pretty cool. She got some bona fide Canadian digs from Mormor and Grandad from Roots. Roots is totally my favorite Canadian (and nowhere in the U.S.) store ever. (Joe and I both got awesome Roots sweatshirts too. Whee! Thanks guys!) Check her (and her little Canadian Roots tushie) out...
Scarlett also got the Playskool Dance Cam which was the hot toddler gift this Christmas. Grandma and Aunt Melissa tracked it down for her - after calling every Target in Fairfield county. Scarlett absolutely loves seeing herself on TV...yeah - I didn't see that coming. She's figured out how to press the buttons on the dance cam now, and will actually scroll through the choices to find a song she likes to get down to. She continually cracks me up.

And last, but certainly not least, Scarlett got Elmo Live. Oh, did she get him. And all of his lively glory. Scarlett loves this toy. It was a present from Scarlett's Aunt Katrina and Uncle Jonathan. (Good pick guys!) At first, Scarlett didn't grasp the concept of watching, and not touching Elmo. She kept asking for "help" because she wanted take him off the table (then she tried to and he moved in her hands which scared the holy crap out of her - but we're all okay). Now she stands back and watches/dances/laughs/claps at Elmo...cause "Elmo's crazy."


Pokolodi said...

We're Back! When are we invited over to play with Scarlett's new stuff? :)
Carson got plenty too...and there may just be a big box of musical instruments for them to dig into.

Pokolodi said...

We are spending the morning watching "Sarlett" videos and let me tell you--Carson loves this one of Elmo. ...That is until the oil tanker pulled up in front of our house. The fact that he was torn between watching Scarlett play with Elmo and watching the tanker proves just how riveting this video is.
By the way, I could have sworn I saw Scarlett doing the Brooklyn Shuffle at one point. Nice moves, kid!