Sunday, December 21, 2008

Church Christmas Pageant - 2008

Today was our church's Christmas Pageant. We braved the snowstorm and got there just in time to get Scarlett into costume. Nan, and her boyfriend Larry met us there too. You may remember last year when Scarlett was the star of the Christmas pageant. This year, she was an angel...and she knew it. What a little ham she was. The proof is the fact that she is actually wearing a giant headband. This child never wears hair accessories. She rips them out quicker than I can say "Scarlett - leave it on it looks so pretty!!...Wah." She loved being in costume. Here's Scarlett and her Nan. Don't let her grimace fool you. She was very excited to see her Nan. Scarlett must be a method actress. She took her role of an angel very, very seriously. The congregation attacked Scarlett like the paparazzi. I actually had to squeeze by people to get a picture of my own child. She looked really cute. It's great to be a part of a church that not only knows who we are and practices what we believe in, but who thinks my daughter is as adorable as I do. I'm so happy that Scarlett is growing up in this church. Joe and I joined this church in 2004. We got married here. Scarlett was baptized here. (If you can't tell, I really love our church.)Upon leaving the narthex and entering the church, Scarlett ran up front and literally posed for pictures. 9 times out of 10 I can't get this child to sit still long enough to capture a picture of her even looking in the general direction of the camera. She was eating this up and loving every second of it. One woman pulled out her camera to get a picture of Scarlett, and Scarlett ran over to her and just stood in front of the woman...who had long since taken the picture. About 2 minutes later, Scarlett ran onstage and realized there was a crib (manger) for "babies." She wanted to "play." The show had not even begun yet. Yeah...we had a little bit of trouble convincing her that it was time to sit down and wait for baby Jesus to be born. After about 10 minutes of sitting (or not sitting at all - mostly squirming and wanting to "play"), our minister called for the angels to appear and Scarlett walked right up front all by herself. She politely stood in front of baby Jesus and his parents. Not at all a show stealer. No...not at all. I had to walk up there and move her to the side.Here is a video of the pageant's grand finale. It was quite amazing to be a part of. The woman singing is always at our church, but has never sung in front of the congregation before. (Can you believe it?!) If you look to the right of the screen, you'll see Scarlett getting down to the music - how could she not?! At the end of the song, Scarlett politely asked for "more."

So, that was the pageant. They get more and more fun with each passing year!


Jessica said...

love the haircut, she is too cute!!