Sunday, December 7, 2008

First time sledding

We woke up Sunday morning to about 2 inches of snow. It looked so pretty! We couldn't wait to get Scarlett out in it to play. Well...I couldn't wait. When asked "Scarlett, do you want to go play in the snow?" - she said no. A simple misunderstanding. Scarlett had never played in the snow before, so of course she thought she wouldn't like it. As (hopefully) any other parent would do - we bundled her up and brought her out anyway. She was going to play in the snow and she was going to like it. And she did. In fact, she loved it. (I win.) If you listen carefully in the first video, you can hear Scarlett laughing as she and Joe chase the dog with the sled.

That poor dog was so cold. Scarlett had a blast with him though.
The 2 seconds that Link sat in Scarlett's lap were the best 2 seconds of Scarlett's life so far. Too bad it didn't last.
Very, very much too bad.

In fact, the rest of the excursion was spent trying to recreate those 2 seconds of sheer joy.
"Yink sit Ca-yett? Yink sit Ca-yett?...sit?" - she pleaded. We gave up.
Yay sledding! Next time...HILLS!


Pokolodi said...

Um...this is so much more snow than we had. We had like 1/2 an inch. I could see grass...alot of grass. Now does this happen when we live like 4 miles from each other??

Fleur said...

These pictures are really cute. They actually make sledding look like fun! and I hate snow!