Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Future Rockette?

When we were getting snowed in on Friday night, we came across the Rockette's Christmas Spectacular show on TV and thought it might be a festive thing to watch together as a (snowed in and at our wit's end) family. Scarlett loved it. I, myself, cannot dance at all. I mean not at all. To see Scarlett mesmerized by these dancers gives me hope that she will not be quite as bad of a dancer as I am. She's already one step ahead of me. She does not require at least one alcoholic beverage before stepping out on any dance floor. At least...not to my knowledge. Scarlett thought the dancers were "pretty," as you'll hear her say repeatedly. And all her "babies" are out and laying in front of the TV because she had set up her own little chorus line. No joke. She would grab each baby under its arms and slam it repeatedly into the TV stand saying "dance, baby, dance." I didn't get that on video, unfortunately. After the babies danced, she move on to old faithful...our poor dog, Link. And, don't ask me why she's missing a sock in this video.

At this part of the show, Scarlett got incredibly concerned when all the Rockettes had gotten aboard a double decker bus on stage because she thought they were going to leave. How dare they?!

They didn't leave though. We watched the rest of the show. Scarlett did a few Rockette-ish movements (usually just a violent stomping of her right foot). She's not quite ready for Rockette training yet - but she's getting there. Maybe by kindergarten.