Monday, December 15, 2008

Scarlett's first haircut

Sunday afternoon Joe and I spontaneously decided to get Scarlett's haircut. I had wanted to have it cut for quite some time, but feared Scarlett would lose the adorable little flip at the end of her hair. Realizing that EVENTUALLY the child would have to have it cut, we took the risk. (And just say a prayer every night before bed that the curl will grow back.) Scarlett was so good! She made the two kids that were crying look like wimps (that's harsh...but I'm trying to makeup for the whole "Santa incident" that occurred earlier that day). We went to Snip Its, a really cute kid specific salon. There were toys and books and bright colors everywhere. Scarlett was in heaven. Here are some photos documenting the experience.

Here's Scarlett excited to go to "sip sits!"A good "before" shot from the front,and back. Climbing into the cutest, tiniest barber chair you ever saw. (Awwww.) It was just about at this point where Scarlett's stylist asked me if I had been cutting her bangs. I reluctantly admitted yes. She said "it's okay...shhh, we all do it." There are no bang cutters anonymous meetings to attend. Turns out, a whole lot of Scarlett's "bangs" should be her hair. I thought they were getting a wee bit thick myself. This might explain why I thought Scarlett had been looking a little mullet-ish these past few months. The stylist only trimmed what should be Scarlett's bangs, and we're going to let the rest of them grow out. They have lollipops as far as the eye can see at this place. Again, Scarlett was in heaven. Right before trimming the first piece, the stylist politely pointed out the adorable little flip at the end of Scarlett's hair and warned us that it might not grow back. She actually asked "are you sure you want to do this?" before snipping. We nodded...hesitantly. (Please grow back, please grow back.)
Look at all that hair! This wasn't a mere trim. There was about 2 inches worth (of curly flippy) hair.
Scarlett even sat still through the blow-drying. HHmmmm...she hates vacuuming, but loves having her hair blow-dried. She might be on to something.
The reveal!
So that was that. Scarlett looks adorable - and so much older! And I'm no longer allowed to trim her bangs. Here's some pictures of the end result.
Yay Bubsy!


Pokolodi said...

I've been checking the blog like every 5 minutes all day, waiting to see the pictures! Well worth the wait. As you could probably tell by my email earlier today, I was super sad about Scarlett's cute hair getting cut off, but this is SO CUTE! First Pippi and now Scarlett--Suri Cruise has some serious competition in the chic toddler bob department.

Kate said...

that is totally, ridiculously, out of control cute. and she looks like such a big girl now!!! i can't handle it...although it reminds me that our entire family needs haircuts badly before christmas. and we don't have spiffy kids' salons, either...i want a lollipop for my troubles, darn it!

Penelope Harriette White said...

LOVE the haircut - she looks way cute.