Friday, December 12, 2008

A girl and her Crocs

I just bought Scarlett these Crocs. I had originally put them on her Christmas list, but then found an awesome deal online (I can hear Joe say "of course you did" - this is his response to every deal I find). I bought them for her...and didn't even wait till Christmas to give them to her. I couldn't wait. I was originally thinking that these shoes in black would be far more practical because they'd match more. But, come on, red is so much more fun. I thought Scarlett would agree.
SCARLETT LOVES THESE SHOES. She won't take them off. Actually, yes she will - but only so she can immediately put them back on all by herself. She takes them off, lines them up side by side and, very wobbly, steps into them. Repeat procedure. Repeat, repeat, repeat. According to Joe, she played with her shoes for over an hour last night while I was at school. No toys...just her Crocs. And she actually calls them "new shoes." It was all Joe could do to get them off of her before bed. Tantrums were thrown, and she almost slept in them. I think you'll all be seeing a lot of these shoes in the very near future. question to you is, the color red goes with everything, right?


Pokolodi said...

Yes. And if it doesn't, who cares? She loves them! Let the kid wear them with pink, lavender and green!

Kate said...

dude, molly got those last christmas and they ROCK. my children are all about the crocs, and, to be honest, i am too.

Fleur said...

Yes - red is the best neutral color!! Good call.