Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Check out this head control!

This morning I decided to introduce Holden to a little thing we mothers like to call "tummy time." I hated tummy time with Scarlett. Well...I hated it because she HATED it. I was shocked at today's results. With ease, Holden lifts his head and starts to look around. No struggle. No pained expression. Complete control. At his 2 week check-up, Holden's Dr. said that she thought he might be the strongest newborn she's ever seen. I snickered thinking she probably said that to everyone. Ummm...she might have been serious. Check this out... Pretty darn impressive for a five week old, if I do say so myself. Holden makes tummy time look good...quite literally.


Fleur said...

That's crazy. Crazy good, that is! This never happened at our house when Finn was a month old. WOW.

Pokolodi said...

Uh oh...You may have a Carson on your hands. I wish you luck.